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Social wants to give self-published Author's a voice and a platform. We have added this section to highlight the work of Author's on the Rise that are writing books that have substance and are well written. Please take a few moments to read the bio's as well as the excerpts, visit their websites and purchase books thank you for the support!

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Cynthia Loving

Cynthia Loving, also known as Lil’Mo, is penning her first book. The
Godmother of R&B and Hip-hop is getting set to release the highly
anticipated book this fall. “Taming Lil’ Mo” is being hailed as a part
memoir and part tell-all book that uncovers the provocative life of one of
the industry’s most successful artists.

From surviving a near death assault to climbing the billboard charts,
Cynthia Loving takes her readers on an intense ride from beginning to end.
Book lovers will rave at the dramatic pages filled with wild
relationships, lies, religion and family. In 2014, Cynthia Loving signed
her first book deal with Next Level Publishing.

 “Taming Lil’Mo is a book about my life, trials and tribulations. If you think you know me, you have no idea and I’m not holding back. This book will enlighten you and make you raise an eyebrow at the chaos I've endured over these past years. It’s witty and there are moments where you may grab a tissue. The media and television outlets can only give you a glimpse into my life, but I’m here to tell you the truth… it’s my story and I’m spilling the tea!”– Cynthia Loving

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Joani Ward

Educator, author, speaker, blogger, entrepreneur

Joani came to Washington, DC to attend Howard University, and made DC her home. She left Howard University after her sophomore year and later attended George Washington University; receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. Joani furthered her education by attending The Johns Hopkins University, Carey School of Business, and received an MBA, with a concentration in Corporate Finance in May 2001.
Joani Ward has been an Adjunct Professor at Trinity University since August 2006.  She teaches in the School of Professional Studies MBA Program, and her subject matter expertise is Financial Decision Making, Managerial Accounting, and Small Business Development, Management and Finance.  Additionally, Joani worked in the regulatory finance industry for 27 years, further enhancing her knowledge in connection with financial literacy.
She has published four books entitled You Don’t Have To Be Broke: So Wake Up, Shake It Up, And Make A Change, Business Quotations Every Entrepreneur Should Know: 52 Weeks of Motivation and Inspiration, Create Your WordPress Website in 27 Minutes: Believe Me It’s Possible, and How To Write And Self Publish Your Own Book: 7 Steps To A Finished Product in 30 Days.  All books are available at
Joani's fifth book, Black Girls Gone Blonde: Stories From A Newly Discovered Sisterhood  is a very different literary work from her prior books.  The target market is females, but males may also enjoy reading this book.  The stories in  the book are true.  Joani interviewed 8 ladies who shared amazing stories.  They shared the challenges of being uprooted from a lovely home to moving to the projects, the heartbreak of a marriage not coming to fruition, an accident that almost ended a promising career, parental abuse and drug addiction, and witnessing a sibling being molested.  There are also positive aspects to the stories, such as A Favorite Christmas, and an awesome experience with the Laws of Attraction.   The stories will touch hearts, inspire, influence, and motivate. There is light at the end of every tunnel.  There is hope, and anything is possible. 

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Stephany Greene

Personal power and personal style are one in the same. Discover your style by breaking down the barriers that have prevented you from designing the life you deserve. Learn Stephany’s seven steps to live and dress your best:

1. Love Yourself No Matter What
2. Flatter Your Figure, Forget Your Flaws
3. Dress For Yourself, Not Anyone Else
4. Life Without A Mirror
5. Discover Your Personal Style
6. Risks Equal Rewards
7. You Look Great, Dammit

Stephany’s Style Secrets, 7 Steps to Live and Dress Your Best will teach you how to dress and live your best life, for the rest of your life.

Stephany Greene is a Fashion Designer, Style Expert, TV Host, and Author of Stephany's Style Secrets; 7 Steps to Live and Dress Your Best, with over 20 years of experience as a Fashion Designer for Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis, Pro Player, BET, The NFL and The NBA, where her designs have garnered over $75 million in sales for the fashion industry, and $13 million at the Super Bowl. A recognized Fashion Integration Expert, Stephany’s new online course,, is breaking ground with its patented pending self-styling technology. As a Fashion Professor, Stephany made history when she founded the Fashion Merchandising Program at the University of the District of Columbia, attracting a White House Initiative sanctioned by President Obama, partnerships with Gap, Inc., and a grant from the Tommy Hilfiger Foundation. Stephany’s colorful writing style attracted a loyal following when she blogged for Essence Magazine, with over 90,000 visitors a month. A noted Celebrity Stylist, Stephany’s clientele has included politicians and CEO’s, as well as Ralph Lauren supermodel Tyson Beckford, Grammy Award Winning rappers Nelly and Treach, and the former First Lady of Turks and Caicos and actress, Lisa Raye.
A trusted authority on the business of fashion, Stephany has been featured in Details Magazine, The New York Post, Essence Magazine, Women’s Wear Daily, Uptown, The Source, Vibe, Washington Life Magazine, The Baltimore Sun, and on CNN, BET,, WPGC 95.5FM, and WHUR 96.3FM. She’s featured in two premiere coffee table books, The Inaugural Edition of the Best of D.C., and The Who's Who of Black Washington, D.C.
Stephany earned a Masters Degree in Public Communication from American University, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Fashion Design from Pratt Institute, where she serves as a board member of The Pratt Institute Advisory Council.  
Online Ecourse

Kevin Shird

"Lessons Of Redemption” is a journey of a boy that traveled a rocky road of choices and consequences; some of which were not his own and met his manhood at the crossroad. Please understand, THIS IS NOT A FICTION BOOK... THIS IS A MEMOIR. Do not expect the usual depiction of urban life with colorful language with overused metaphors and hood life tall tales. Prepare yourself to have a very intimate conversation with author about real people in real life altering situations with the turn of every page.

Yes, one can reference “The Wire” may even reflect on “The Corner” but Kevin Shird gives a poignant narrative in black and white with no filter. The resolve and resilience that young Shird builds upon as you walk with him through the chapters of his life will make you pause when you realize the young man you are rooting for did in fact MAKE IT and you smile. AGAIN …THIS IS NOT A FICTION BOOK but rather an honest & truthful testament of not only redemption but forgiveness and accountability. How was Shird able to realistically accept Pop's illness of addiction and build from the mistakes; how did becoming a part of the problem as a player in the treacherous game of drugs lead Shird to being an instrument of change as Co - Founder & President of the Mario Do Right Foundation sitting with decision makers in Washington, DC working on solutions?

The beauty is the reader knows how the story ends by looking at the life that Shird has built through his personal lessons of redemption that he shares earnestly.

Tupac asked once, “Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete? “ Definitively, I can answer yes, I read his story - “Lessons Of Redemption”. This is a must read for all.

Kenda BellEssence Bestselling Author –
“For Every Love There Is A Reason “

D. Antoinette

A native of Baltimore City, D. Antoinette has always dreamed of lands far away and wondered what was beyond the stars. At a very young age, she was able to channel her inner creativity into stories, songs, and poems. D. Antoinette's imagination is one of her strongest attributes. She is fortunate to still have the same imagination she had as a child and it is because of that imagination, D. Antoinette is an author today.

While attending the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, she realized her true passion was writing, however she was unsure of how to parlay her love of the written word into a career. She went on to attend Morgan State University and though she did not finish her studies (she plans on going back), she did study English as her major.
It was while working for the local government that she decided to give her writing career "the old college try."

"Writing is the only thing that has made sense for me (to do as a career). When I decided to pen The First Book of Carrie, I went to many agents, trying to get a major book deal. I can't begin to tell you how many REJECTION letters I received. It took it's toll on me. I almost gave up. I was unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the publishing business so I was literally shooting myself in the foot. I decided to arm myself with the knowledge I needed so I could be better prepared to present my best work to agents. As I was researching publishing, I realized it wasn't that hard. (for me to do myself and if I can do it, I'm sure a shoe can too.) I decided I didn't need anyone to give me my chance, I would create my own opportunity, and that was the beginning of my publishing company, The Little Book That Could."

"I write fantasy books. Many people do not fully understand what fantasy is. I try to explain my writing style this way: think about your favorite movies or TV shows. Anything from: Jurassic Park to Star Trek is fantasy. True Blood, Once Upon a Time, Game of Thrones, Hunger Games... all of that is fantasy. Even your super heroes from Batman to Superman are apart of the fantasy world. Fantasy is anything that requires you to use your imagination to experience. Resident Evil, The Purge, anything Steven King has written is fantasy. That's what I write. I could easily write Street Lit or Contemporary Urban Fiction (I'm not saying there is anything wrong with those genres, I grew up on them) but I feel my talents are better utilized in the fantasy world."

"I noticed some people's apprehension about me being an African American and writing fantasy stories. One person literally quizzed me on my knowledge of fantasy books, authors and stories. I've read the classics from Asimov to Heinlein. I love Greek, Roman, Norse and Egyptian mythology. I even like Harry Potter, some might say I am an expert or nerd, both titles I wear proudly."

"My message to the world is make your mark! I want to be remembered as a great mother but also as someone who wasn't afraid to fail. Failing is the easy part, it's getting back up that's hard. I feel my message as a writer is to challenge my readers. I want my readers to think but I also want them to be entertained. I want them to have fun while they are reading my stories. My goal as a publisher is to publish as many books as possible. My goal in life is to dream and to keep dreaming and to live the dream. My signature is to Dream big, Live BIGGER! I mean that wholeheartedly. Live your dreams!"

D. Antoinette's debut novel,The First Book of Carrie, is the first book in her paranormal fantasy series, I Am Carrie Carter. She is working on the second book in that series, The Second Book of Carrie. D. Antoinette also blogs, D Blah Life, at It is a humorous take on her own boring or not so boring life.

She is the eldest of one sibling and the mother of two beautiful daughters. D. Antoinette is a dreamer and she is okay with that.

Twitter: @Dantoinette0130


After taking two years off from the industry, Tiera Gray is back and ready to take the acting and writing world by storm.  She is self-publishing her first novel; Love Sex & Baggage, which will release the spring of 2014 and plans to write and direct the movie adaptation of the book.  Tiera is also well versed in the acting world, as she has trained formally at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City and was a part of the Love Creek Productions theater ensemble before her hiatus.

Tiera Gray aspires to start her own production company where she can write, direct, and produce films that will provide actors of color, especially actresses, the outlet to have their talents shine.  She also plans to start outreach programs for young girls in under privileged neighborhoods.  But for now she is focused heavily on getting back in the business and having her talents make her a household name.
To see or hear more of what Tiera Gray has going on, go to her blog site:
Or follow her on;
Instagram- @IamTieraGray

Twitter- @LoveSexBaggage

Linda Newberry

A successful semi-retired business person and entrepreneur. As an avid student of human nature, business culture/processes and Biblical teachings her personal faith and convictions are the basis for all of her endeavors and encounters. Through the turnaround in her own life she has influenced those in her business, service and personal circles....and will inspire and motivate to action those who desire this type of change in their lives.

The Story Behind This Book –

Back in the early 2000's I was experiencing a major setback in all areas of my life. Over several months I heard 3 verses from Isaiah 60 that began to give me hope and thought further study of the full chapter was needed. I broke the words down from the Strong's and crafted a daily confession from the whole chapter. It is something that has helped me focus on God's good during those early and subsequent hard times. I attribute many of the positive changes experienced through the years to the words that I've spoken over my life in good times and bad.

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Check out the NEW Cover of Say What?! - ‘What’ You Say is Your Future!

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Author Ruby S. Garnett

For many volatile women, a perplexed and vulnerable lifestyle is the result of a mentally, emotionally, and often times physically malnourished upbringing. But for Ruby Garnett this was not the case. In fact, an over-abundance of hugs and kisses, verbal affirmations, and loving support from her family would be the substance that drew her out of a horrific situation---yet, was not enough to keep her from searching for deeper spiritual meaning in the wrong place.

Ruby S. Garnett (her pen name) is the ex-co-wife of one of the nation's largest occult leaders, Dr. Malachi York, of the Nuwaubian movement. For nearly six years Ruby committed herself to an isolated and inexplicable lifestyle that included a 3-year polygamous marriage with the cult's leader and participation in abnormal activities that were far beyond anything she was taught as a child. As a result, Ruby suffered emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bondage and suffered with depression for many years after.

In 1970, Ruby was born to a loving couple who wanted nothing more than to raise their two children in a safe environment and to provide them with the best that life had to offer. Ruby's mother had high-hopes for her only son and daughter, (Ruby being the baby), but knew that raising children in Jamaica-Queens, New York in the early 70's could prove challenging. However, that never hindered Ruby's mother from pouring the best she had into her children. Although her parents separated when she was still a child, Ruby remained close to both and never questioned their love for her.

During Ruby's teenage years she became very inquisitive. She was in search of a deeper meaning of life beyond that of which she felt her parents could provide. "I was on a spiritual quest and would go so deep in my thoughts that I would end up sitting in my own soul. It was a place where nobody understood me, but me," Ruby remembers. However, though introverted in many ways, Ruby was a natural people-person and often found herself in deep conversation with spiritualists who she'd run into in the neighborhood. One in particular, a Muslim man, grabbed her interest and mesmerized her with his spiritual intellect. Ruby developed a connection with the stranger, in which she felt comfortable sharing.

What Ruby was learning from her new friend was far more interesting than any text book she'd read in school. This caused a huge shift in her actions and behavior. At age 16, against her parent’s consent, Ruby dropped out of high school and converted to Islam. A year later, Ruby married the Muslim man and moved into the Ansaaru Allah Community, which would begin six of the most unconventional, mind-altering years of her life. Along this eye-opening soul journey, Ruby would experience betrayal, physical abuse, divorce, and a polygamist marriage with a man that nearly ripped her life apart.

In Ruby's new book release, Soul Sacrifice, she gives vivid details of her horrific experience---the sacrifices and compromises she made to support the men she loved, the ideals she was brainwashed to believe, and the one act that caused her to say, “It’s time to go HOME and be back with my FAMILY!”. This book has taken nearly 20 years for Ruby to write because of the pain and emotional scars that still, in some ways, exist. However, Ruby has decided to step outside of her shell to advocate for the children who are suffering from being sexually abused, disregarded and ignored.

Today, Ruby is happily married to her husband Stephen who she met in 1992 at Prince George's Community College, shortly after leaving the cult. "Stephen came at the right time, like an angel sent from God. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really ready... I didn’t know any better", says Ruby. While Ruby was trying best to salvage a failing life, her relationship with Stephen proved more challenging than she could handle, so they separated for several years. However, in 2010, love prevailed and Ruby was able to truly open her heart to the man that loves her more than she can understand and has always accepted her past issues.

Ruby is also deeply supported by her parents, brother, aunts, cousins and friends who watched many years as their "baby girl" explored a strange life. "The very few times my family was allowed to visit I could feel their confusion as they held back tears," says Ruby. Ruby often states that one of the best days of her life was being embraced by her brother, David, her only sibling, a few days after leaving the cult. "Me and David have always been close and I didn't realize until years later the emotional baggage he had to carry as a result of my decisions," says Ruby.

As a sequel to Soul Sacrifice, Ruby is currently working on her next book project, “Picking Up a Thousand Pieces”. For Ruby, those pieces include rebuilding her relationship with the loving God she was introduced to as a child, rebuilding a relationship with herself, preserving a true love affair with her husband, rekindling relationships with her family and friends, and pursuing her passion of creative writing. With the support of loved ones, Ruby went back to school to complete her high school studies and enrolled in college studying Early Childhood Education at Prince George’s Community College and Bowie State University.

In addition, Ruby shares what she has learned from her experience with other women with the purpose of empowering women who have lost sight of themselves by sacrificing their souls to poor decisions, and advocates for those individuals who have been forced into silence due to a lack of support from misguided individuals. Ruby makes donations and subscribes to online women and children’s support groups such as PCAR and EPCAT.

Ruby resides in the Washington, D.C. metro area with her husband Stephen.!book-excerpt

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