Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"HOW TO GET ORGANIZED" (WOODLAWN, MD) featuring: Professional Keynote Speaker & Business Trainer KEVIN T. ROBERTSON (KTR)

"HOW TO GET ORGANIZED" (WOODLAWN, MD) featuring: Professional Keynote Speaker & Business Trainer KEVIN T. ROBERTSON (KTR)

"**ATTENTION!... I Will Reveal To You How To Attain The Goals You Desire But Can't Find The FOCUS To Finish. I Have A Proven System To Enhance Your Personal And Professional Organizational Skills. Guaranteed To Hit The Bulls Eye And Get Results Every Time! 

My name is Kevin T. Robertson and it’s quite possible you have never heard of me before until now. However, my name is not important at the moment. The bottom line is I am here to teach you how to GET ORGANIZED AND ACHIEVE BETTER RESULTS.... empower you with the knowledge to succeed... restore order to your life... increase your level of focus and teach you how to attack your goals with force!
Top Achievers know how to FOCUS on strategies that peak their performance with consistency. Top Achievers attack their goals and create unlimited options. Without FOCUS you don't even realize when you are missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime preventing you from being the leader you are destined to be. 
The “HOW TO GET ORGANIZED”, seminar will give you the jump-start and soft skill training techniques, tips, tools and strategies to achieve the results you've been looking for! 
You, Too, CAN Achieve Maximum Levels of FOCUS, Be A Powerful Leader and regain control of your priorities!
It’s Easy When You Follow My Blue Print for Success,
Unlock The Door To Your Hidden Potential, And Visualize Your Greatness!

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Kevin T. Robertson (KTR) 

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SEMINAR DATE: Sunday April 27, 2014 
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